Broke Da Mout Lapel Pin


We came up with the “Broke Da Mout” pin while brainstorming a Hawaiian style tattoo. Yes we have this image inked on our bodies. We contacted our homie from Working Class Tattoo Parlor and he whipped up this beaut! and there ya have it… Loco-Moco-Shave-Ice in all its glory!

Die-struck soft enamel lapel pins | 1.25″ Tall | One Size Fits All



All fabrics are sourced from many locations, locally, online, some are vintage (out of print) and manufactured. Every item is limited (some more than others). Actual pocket print may vary due to the fact that it is cut from a larger fabric—none are identical. All are handcrafted (by human and robots alike). Wholesale orders are available please drop us a line Mahalo!